Executive & Redundancy

A premium service for redundantees, managers and executives.

Life in the cut and thrust of some organisations can seem like there is no escape. Many feel they are on the treadmill of corporate life, want to get off, but have no idea what to do next. Others want to make subtle improvements that will increase performance at work and/or quality of life. They want help with how to do it as well as advice on what path will best play to who they are at this stage in life….

Identifier Questions

  • I am not happy with what I am doing. I have no real satisfaction at work any more!
  • If there is an ideal career for me, what is it?
  • I find selling myself very difficult. How can I be paid what I am worth?
  • How can I improve my quality of my life but still enjoy what I do?
  • I know what I want but don’t know how to get there. Could you help me lay out a career development plan?
  • Should I start again? At my age?
  • I want to re-evaluate not just take the obvious or easy route.
  • My confidence is shattered! I want to create a compelling CV which highlights transferable skills and makes me feel good about myself again.

With difficult career dilemma’s there are always choices. However while some may make sense, others may not; but how do you decide?

If you are one of the unlucky ones to be made redundant, you are likely to experience a range of natural emotions through shock, denial, hurt, and anger, before finally being able to accept the situation and move on. Some of you may find it hard to talk about your feelings, and some will take longer than others to come out of the tunnel.

Rather than seeing the situation as a disaster, why not consider it a great opportunity to re-evaluate, especially if you are leaving with a lump sum as a financial cushion! Some out-placement consultants will be keen to point you in the direction of similar jobs, but why not think outside the box and look at where else your skills and experience could be transferable? Then again, this could be the ideal time to retrain, start your own business, move to the country, or take that career break and travel the world! This could be the push you need to follow your dreams and make a real career change.

Whatever the reason for contemplating change the bespoke Executive program gets to the bottom of why you are looking to change in the first place, from both your work and general life perspectives. It then provides practical help and support in self-marketing.

Designed for executives, redundantees, high flyers or those with more specific requirements (or indeed those who prefer to travel first class rather than premium economy), this extensive tailored consultancy involves working with me for the full day, with homework and if appropriate, Stress, Team Role or Emotional Intelligence testing ahead of time.

Perhaps lacking objective ears at home or at work, I can help you successfully navigate change, gain confidence, improve performance and fulfil your dreams!!

What’s Included

Psychometric questionnaires and a personal history/objective form will be sent by post in advance. These need to be completed and ideally returned ahead of time but can be marked on the day.

Assessment starts at 9.30am, with 2 1/2 hours of aptitude measurements followed by lunch, and then the consultation / counselling discussion (as long as required – I see just one client per day so you will not be rushed out!).

The detailed bespoke report will be sent within 10 days following the consultation.

The executive program includes two 2 hour follow up meetings for CV writing and interview techniques training.

Investment – £1295

All fees are due on the day. I accept cheque, or Credit Card payment can be made over the Internet through PAYPAL.

Consultations held in my comfortable and personal office at my London SW16 home (Tooting/Streatham borders)

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