Career Progression

New career? For anyone needing a career rethink…

You may feel unfulfilled, stuck in a rut, and that you are not progressing sufficiently in your career. Or, you may just want to get serious about life and your career and yet not have a clue what direction to take…

Investment – £645(Incl.)

Identifier Questions

  • I am not happy with the career I am doing. I have no real satisfaction at work any more!
  • If there is an ideal career for me, what is it?
  • I find selling myself in work very difficult. How can I be paid what I am worth in my job?
  • How can I improve my quality of my life but still enjoy what I do?
  • I know what I want but don’t know how to get there. Could you help me lay out a career development plan?
  • Should I start a new career? At my age?

Matching our career with personality and other traits is crucial if we are to do a career which fulfils us, in a role where we can feel at home.

To formulate career advice, we take into account work & life balance issues, we look at income needs, responsibilities and personal circumstances, and listen carefully to the underlying issues.

The results of the career consultancy process, and the career analysis report that follows, leaves people fully informed and knowledgeable about what to do next.

Importantly the self awareness that results gives a sound basis for confidence, and while you are still responsible to take action, the career assessment service helps ensure you are headed in the right career direction…

What’s Included

Psychometric questionnaires and a personal history/objective form will be sent by post in advance. These need to be completed and ideally returned ahead of time but can be marked on the day.

Assessment starts at 9.30am, with 2 1/2 hours of aptitude measurements followed by a break for lunch, and then the approx. 2 1/2 hour career consultation / counselling discussion. (I see only one client per day so I am happy to overrun if necessary to ensure client satisfaction).

The detailed bespoke career test report will be sent within 10 days following the career counselling consultation.

Investment – £645(Incl.)

All fees are due on the day. I accept cheque, or Credit Card payment can be made over the Internet through PAYPAL.

Consultations held in my comfortable and personal office at my home in London SW16 (Tooting/Streatham borders).

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