Sherridan Hughes Professional Career Consultant and Career Catalyst

I offer professional, in depth, sound and practical career consultancy for individuals (or organisations requiring career assessment or counselling for selection, development or outplacement). My approach is to combine a full psychometric assessment with in-depth career counselling.

You may have seen me quoted in the media – try ‘Googling’ my name – Sherridan Hughes.

As an Occupational Psychologist with nearly 25 years experience in career counselling and literally thousands of satisfied clients, I know that the very best results come from a two way dialogue. I work with the client to find solutions and clarify thinking, considering career and lifestyle needs and matches. Click on the tabs above to decide which career analysis service is right for you.

For 25 years, my strong guidance model has enabled me to give consistent, clear and strong career advice, and some ostensibly very experienced and well qualified career consultants have been amazed and indeed impressed when I have trained them in this framework.


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